Audi Care

The Audi Roadside Assistance and Customer Care Line.

Owning an Audi has its benefits, and now we’re adding more value to your Audi experience. Combining a team of qualified customer service professionals with a comprehensive roadside assistance programme, Audi Care is dedicated to deliver peace of mind plus convenience and reliability when you need them most.

Contact 1-800-22-AUDI (2834) to speak to our Audi Care team or email For overseas breakdown, please contact 60326856313.

Audi Care benefits (for vehicles covered within the new car warranty period):

Audi Roadside Assistance

Audi Roadside Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is a mere call away: 1 800 22 AUDI (2834)

  1. Breakdown towing
    If your vehicle becomes disabled due to a breakdown, complimentary towing up to 600 kilometers will be provided to the nearest authorized Audi Dealership or service facility.
  2. Accident Towing
    In the event of an accident, 24-Hour Audi Roadside Assistance includes towing directly to the nearest authorized Audi Dealership or service facility.
  3. On-Site Repairs
    1. Jump start
      A service operator will be dispatched to provide a battery jump start. If your vehicle cannot be driven, towing services will be provided.
    2. Flat tyre change
      If your vehicle has a flat tyre, a service operator will attempt to replace it with a spare. If you don't have a spare that's operable, towing services will be provided.
    3. Emergency fuel service
      If your vehicle runs out of fuel, an emergency supply will be delivered to get you on your way.
    4. Lock-out service
      If your keys are locked inside your vehicle, a service operator can be dispatched upon request in an attempt to gain entry. If the retrieval is unsuccessful, your vehicle can be towed to the nearest authorized Audi Dealership to gain entry at your expense.
Additional Benefits

If your registered Audi is disabled due to any mechanical breakdown over 100 kilometers away from your residence address, you may be reimbursed for trip interruption expenses. Your coverage includes reimbursement for any one of the below with the engagement of the Audi towing service.


  • up to RM300 per person/night up to a maximum of 2 nights. Claimable for up to 3 passengers in the vehicle, 3 times a year.

Alternative Transportation

  • Car rental – up to RM300 per day up to a maximum of 2 days, claimable 3 times a year.
  • Taxi – up to RM60 per trip

As further assistance, Audi Care is prepared to locate appropriate accommodation and transportation for you. Any arrangements made by Audi Care will be covered if within the aforementioned conditions. Any further expenses will be covered by the customer.

In the situation where customer make their own arrangements, it will need to be agreed with Audi Care. Payments are to be borne by the customer, and original receipts are needed for the claim.

When in Singapore or Thailand

Illness / Injury repatriation
If the registered driver is deemed unfit to operate the vehicle due to an injury or illness, a designated driver can be mobilised to the location in Singapore or Thailand to return the vehicle to the residence address in Malaysia.

Arrangements for repatriation of the driver and up to a maximum of 3 passengers of the vehicle to the residence address in Malaysia.

Vehicle storage
Customers can claim up to a value of RM100 for storage charges if broken-down vehicles are stranded from entering back into Malaysia due to closure of country borders.

Redelivery after repairs
Upon completion of repairs, vehicles will be arranged to be delivered back to the customers if the breakdown occurs more than 100 kilometres from the residential address in Malaysia and if repairs take more than 48 hours.

Audi Care Customer Support
  • Vehicle function enquiries.
  • Customers’ enquiries and feedback.
  • Marketing campaigns and events.
  • Sales related enquiries.
    • Test drive request.
    • Sales promotion.
Terms & Conditions
  • The Audi Roadside Assistance benefits are applicable to vehicles covered under the 4-year warranty period, with vehicles purchased via Authorised Audi Dealerships in Malaysia.
  • Out of warranty period vehicles are eligible for towing services only. Additional charges will be imposed and borne by owners for any services rendered outside the warranty period of the vehicle, including the deployment of the Audi Mobile Service.
  • The company reserves the right to revise these terms and conditions without prior notice.
Audi Roadside Assistance Renewal

Out of warranty coverage? Enjoy peace of mind even if your vehicle is no longer covered under Audi manufacturer’s warranty. Subscribe to the Audi Roadside Assistance program for a small fee of only RM120 (inclusive of 6% GST) per annum.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Provide your personal and vehicle details on our online form.

  2. Complete payment to:
    Bank: HSBC Bank (M) Berhad
    Payee Name: Mondial Assistance Services (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
    Account Number:105-719-827-101

  3. Attach a copy of your proof of payment to our online form.

  4. Submit the online form.

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