Obtaining information about your Audi has never been easier than just a push of a button. myAudi is your one-stop online portal designed to enrich your Audi experience. myAudi has an array of features including:

  1. Digital Service Schedule
    Gain easy online access to the Digital Service Schedule for your selected vehicle and see the when the last service took place.

  2. Mileage Tracking
    Keep track on your mileage for any of your vehicles added to “myAudi”. The mileage data is displayed graphically on a dashboard readily printable.

  3. Maintenance
    Get an overview of the checks being carried out by the service technician during an inspection in a clear and concise format.

  4. Field Campaigns
    Receive immediate notice if your vehicle requires attention.

  5. Audi online manuals
    Download the owner’s literature in electronic version.

  6. Receive special sales and service offers.

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