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High-performing and dynamic

Audi regards itself as a pacesetter of advanced technology. Which is why Audi also adopts a new approach to sponsorship. Its concepts adopt a long-term horizon and it places particular emphasis on working with the stars of tomorrow. The objective is to help excellence come to the fore, with some carefully targeted assistance.

Audi's involvement is aimed at supporting people who are pursuing their vision, in areas that provide fresh impetus. In the same way that Audi itself is one of the leading manufacturers of cars. Audi sports sponsorship is an integral part of this approach. Audi and Audi dealers locally invite you to attend a variety of events.

Audi quattro Cup

Audi has been successfully involved in golf for two decades. Technology, design and sportiness are values that characterise every Audi vehicle, and they also reflect the special fascination of the sport of golf.
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