Audi Genuine Air Filter

  • The air filter prevents dirt particles from entering the engine's combustion chamber along with the intake air. If this is not prevented, engine components such as piston rings, sleeve bearings, valves and cylinder walls can be damaged
  • If the filter is clogged, the increased vacuum in the intake connecting pipes can draw dust particles from the filter into the engine
  • The engine output and torque depend on the air flow. The filter therefore ensures a controlled supply of air
  • The filter paper must be securely pleated and impregnated so that it is resistant to deformation and moisture
  • Even with good air filters the flow output drops. A loss of output, increased fuel consumption and higher emissions can result from this

  • Are specifically tailored to your Audi's engine type to deliver full engine power
  • Ensure an effective elimination of dirt particles of all sizes while at the same time maintaining a good air flow
  • Have a high absorption capacity due to their special pleat technique, embossed paper and large filter surface
  • Reduce the intake noises from your Audi
  • Are exactly matched to the filter housing to guarantee a complete seal work reliably throughout their entire service life
  • A new air filter can prevent an increase in fuel consumption and emission levels, reducing environmental impact and also saving you money

Air filter elements from Audi Genuine Parts help to maximise engine power, through:

  • Reliable filtration throughout their entire service life
  • High air flow
  • Engine-specific design for an accurate fit
  • Large filter surface

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