Audi Genuine Brake Fluid

Audi Genuine Brake Fluid

The brake fluid in a hydraulic brake system is responsible for a very important task: It transports the force that acts on the brake pedal to the wheel brakes. It is for this reason that brake fluid must satisfy some stringent requirements:

  • It must be able to withstand extreme temperatures and pressure and must not freeze, boil or be compressed at any point
  • The water content of the brake fluid must not be too high. Brake fluid actually prevents corrosion due to its ability to bind moisture in the air but it will no longer function reliably if the water content increases too much. The boiling point decreases, bubbles are formed and simply burst when the pressure builds and braking efficiency may be reduced or the brakes may even fail. Brake fluid must be replaced regularly in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications otherwise braking performance may deteriorate or the brakes may even fail completely
  • Brake fluid must be chemically neutral in relation to the components used in the brake system. If the brake fluid corrodes the material of other components, it can cause damage to pipes, cylinders or seals

Offers high flow capacity to ensure that your electronic stabilisation program (ESP) responds quickly even at low temperatures to provide enhanced cornering stability

  • Retains its flow capacity even at temperatures as low as -40°C to guarantee the functionality of your brake system even in heavy frost
  • In the event of increased water content or increased thermal loading, Audi Genuine brake fluid offers a better level of operational reliability than standard brake fluids (DOT-4*) due to its 10°C higher wet boiling point
  • Can also be used on older models without any problems

Audi Genuine brake fluid guarantees the operational reliability of your brake system thanks to:

  • Its high flow capacity even at low temperatures
  • Rapid pressure build up
  • Operational reliability in the case of increased water content
  • Its ability to fulfil the stringent quality requirements set out in Audi Standard 501 14

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