Audi Genuine Oil Filter

The oil filter is responsible for the purity of the engine oil. It removes carbon deposits, oil coal, soot and metal particles. This is particularly important because:

  • In the worst-case scenario dirty engine oil can damage the engine
  • The engine oil circulates continuously in the oil circuit. This allows dirt particles to accumulate and accelerates wear on the engine
  • Even the smallest impurities can act like sandpaper and damage mechanical parts in the engine
  • Dirty oil can also damage the bearings

There are a few things to note about the use of the oil filter:

  • The filter and oil must always be changed at the same time. Otherwise the fresh oil can release the filtered dirt again
  • The pressure in the filter can rise too sharply if its capacity is exhausted. This can even cause the filter to burst
  • In older models the oil filter resembles a tin can that contains a filter element and in this case, the entire unit has to be replaced. Models produced since 2005 have a fixed filter housing, so only the filter insert has to be replaced

  • Help to reduce engine wear, as they reliably remove dirt from the oil circuit and ensure a dependable oil supply in all conditions
  • Have a low flow resistance despite their excellent filter performance (even in state-of-the-art engines)
  • Feature high-quality sealing materials and tightly fitting connections, so no dirt particles can "escape"
  • Operate reliably at low temperatures and with a high oil viscosity thanks to their stable design
  • Are resistant to corrosion, pressure resistant (up to 20 bar), heat resistant and resistant to aggressive oil components
  • Help to ensure a high level of engine performance and a long service life thanks to their excellent dirt retention capacity

Oil filters from Audi Genuine Parts provide reliable protection for the engine through:

  • High dirt retention capacity
  • Outstanding level of filtration
  • A pressure-resistant, corrosion-resistant housing
  • High resistance to extreme temperatures

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