Audi Genuine Pollen Filter

Audi Genuine Pollen Filter

Dust and pollen filters prevent pollen and fine dust from unduly penetrating the vehicle interior. If the filters do not work properly they can pose a safety risk, because:

  • If you sneeze suddenly when driving at 50 km/h, you will travel 13 metres without seeing the road. According to the AvD (German Automobile Club - Automobilclub von Deutschland), one in four accidents is caused by the effects of allergies such as sneezing
  • Increased levels of dust, soot or micro-organisms in the air can cause driver to suffer from fatigue and lapses in concentration
  • Unpleasant odours can occur if dirt particles cannot be absorbed by clogged filters and instead get into the air-conditioning system
  • A clogged filter also reduces the blower speed. As a result, windows fog up more quickly leading to restricted visibility
  • For that reason the German allergy and asthma association (Deutscher Allergie- und Asthmabund e.V. (DAAB)) recommends that the pollen filter should be replaced every year

  • Filter 99% of the pollen in the air and alleviate allergy symptoms such as sneezing fits and streaming eyes. Therefore they can also contribute to road safety
  • Effectively eliminate pollutants with their multi-layer filtering system. Large dust and soot particles can be trapped by the pre-filter, while lung-damaging fungal spores and pollen are retained by the second layer
  • Can protect allergy sufferers and help to ensure an adequate supply of fresh air inside the vehicle for all occupants
  • Reduce odours, bind gaseous pollutants and convert ozone into oxygen due to the additional activated charcoal microfilter layer
  • Prevent rapid fogging of the windows when fully operational, thus ensuring better visibility

Dust and pollen filters from Audi Genuine Parts promote road safety and comfort by:

  • Reducing fog on the windows
  • Protecting your air-conditioning system
  • Minimising odours
  • Alleviating allergy symptoms
  • Eliminating pollutants

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