Audi Genuine Spark Plugs

Audi Genuine Spark Plugs

  • The compressed fuel/air mixture in the combustion chamber must be ignited by the spark plug at a precisely defined point in time. To achieve this, a spark plug must deliver an average of 3,500 sparks within one minute while also withstanding pressure and temperature fluctuations of 0.9-30 bar and 100-3,000°C
  • If ignition does not occur at exactly the right time it can adversely affect performance and fuel consumption, and even cause engine damage
  • The spark plug insulator must be able to fulfil some very specific temperature requirements: The temperature of the spark plug must not be below 450°C or exceed 850°C; otherwise there is a risk of soot build-up and spontaneous ignition. The uncontrolled combustion associated with spontaneous ignition can quickly cause severe damage to the engine. Soot build-up or spark plug wear leads to increased fuel consumption, misfiring and incomplete combustion, which, in turn, can damage the catalytic converter
  • It may be necessary to reduce the specified service intervals if the vehicle is frequently used for short distances or at maximum engine power

  • Reliably ensure that the engine can operate at the right performance level because the spark plugs are specifically adapted to the engine type
  • Are extremely resistant to corrosion and deposits
  • Enable the fuel/air mixture to be burnt in its entirety due to rapid flame propagation
  • Can deliver constant sparks thanks to their sophisticated electrodes
  • Are subject to low electrode wear, which also reduces ignition voltage requirements. As a result, Audi Genuine spark plugs offer enhanced reliability within the spark plug-specific service interval
  • Prevent damage caused by overheating thanks to their design features used to dissipate heat
  • Ensure that the engine responds accurately to the accelerator pedal and that the engine runs smoothly at any speed range
  • Position the spark at exactly the right point in the combustion chamber, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions

Spark plugs from Audi Genuine Parts offer reliability and comfort thanks to their:

  • Durability and consistent performance
  • Stable sparking behaviour
  • Low level of wear
  • Improvement in driving comfort

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