Audi Genuine Windscreen and Washer

Audi Genuine Windscreen

  • The windscreen must be checked regularly, even the smallest microscopic damage (holes, cracks, scratches) can affect the complex structure of the windscreen.
  • Stone chips significantly reduces the stability of the windscreen.
  • The windscreen must be able to bear the stress of an opening front passenger's airbag.
  • Fine scratches from dust and sand particles can lead to dangerous glare in certain lights.
  • If the installation is not performed professionally, it can lead to leaks, corrosion or damage to the windscreen.

  • Are manufactured in accordance with Audi's high quality standards and meet the respective model standard for the production of new vehicles.
  • Guarantee body rigidity by taking model specifications into account.
  • Are produced in accordance with manufacturer's specifications.
  • Ensure a pleasant climate by reduced noise and harmful UV rays.
  • Provide the original operational and functional stability again after repair and therefore contribute to the rigidity of the body.

Windscreens from Audi Genuine Parts:

  • Ensure safety and comfort whilst driving.
  • Ensure full visibility.
  • Offering the passengers protection against the interior heating up too much, UV radiation and injuries.

The possibility of a stone chip repair depends on the place and the size of the stone chip. In the following circumstances the windscreen can be repaired:

  • The stone chip must be at least 10 cm from the edge of the windscreen.
  • Its diameter must not exceed 5 mm and its overall size must be less than a maximum 2 cm.
  • The cracks leading from the chip must be a maximum of 5 cm long and not run into the edge of the windscreen.
  • The interlayer and/or inside of the windscreen must not be damaged.
  • Moisture and dirt must not have penetrated too deeply.
  • If there is a stone chip within the driver's 30 cm-wide field of vision, a repair is not possible and the windscreen must be replaced.

Audi Genuine Windscreen Washer

  • Windscreen washer fluid works only in conjunction with wiper blades that are functioning correctly.
  • Two seconds of restricted visibility at 130 km/h means "flying blind" for 72 metres.
  • Road safety is only ensured by a view of the road, which cannot be guaranteed if there is dirt on the windscreen.
  • Without the use of detergents, dirt is simply spread over the windscreen by the wiper blades.
  • An incompatible cleaner can corrode paint, wiper rubbers and other materials, which can lead to problems such as stress cracks forming on the headlight glass and plastic glazing.
  • Audi Genuine windscreen washer is available as a concentrate, ready-to-use mixture (ready mixed solution) and as a standalone solution.

  • Was developed in accordance with the stringent quality standards of Audi, which are used to approve a product only once it has achieved excellent results in functional tests, road testing and vehicle testing.
  • Effortlessly cleans and removes stubborn residues such as oil and wax from the windscreen, thanks to outstanding cleaning performance.
  • Is efficient and therefore economical as well, and benefits from a pleasant fragrance.
  • Is extremely viscous, making it suitable for Audi fan nozzles.
  • Reduces possible calcification, which can block fan nozzles or hoses, to an absolute minimum.
  • Boasts an increased level of environmental compatibility, as environment friendly material are used.

Windscreen washer from Audi Genuine Parts:

  • Cleans different types of dirt from the windscreen and, if required, the rear window - in every situation and in all weather conditions, be it slush or rain.
  • Using windscreen wipers alone would not be sufficient to remove dirt.
  • A clear view of the road must be ensured at all times while driving - otherwise, road safety is at risk.
  • Adjoining components such as the car paint, wiper blades, seals, glass parts, plastic parts or body parts must not be damaged by the windscreen washer fluid.

  • Reduced cleaning performance, even if the nozzles and wipers seem to be functioning correctly.
  • The spray capacity of the nozzles is reduced, which can indicate that the lines or nozzles are blocked due to dirt, deposits, icing or a lack of washer fluid, for example.
  • The indicator light in the cockpit illuminates when there is too little windscreen washer fluid in the washer fluid reservoir.

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