Audi Genuine Wiper Blades

Audi Genuine Wiper Blades

  • Fully functional wiper blades are essential for road safety, but they tend to be neglected. In the space of half a year, the wiper rubber covers an average distance of 800 km over the windscreen. Normal wear and tear is therefore unpreventable. The rear window wiper is generally used less frequently and is subject to a lower level of wear
  • Environmental factors such as sunlight or ozone can also damage the wiper rubber: The rubber becomes porous, cracked and hard. Even frozen dirt residue on the windscreen can cause damage
  • If your wiper blades leave a hazy film or streaks on the windscreen, or if they start to squeak or rub, the wiper blades may be worn and should be replaced as soon as possible

  • Streak-free cleaning in all weather conditions to keep the windscreen clear
  • Uniform contact pressure thanks to their special precision flex rails, which are tailored to the curvature of the windscreen
  • Functionality even at high speeds thanks to their aerodynamic design
  • Excellent suitability for use in any weather thanks to the choice of materials that are particularly resistant to low temperatures
  • Extremely low-noise and smooth operation due to the soft rubber backing and smooth-running coating

Wiper blades from Audi Genuine Parts offer a consistent cleaning performance:

  • Regardless of weather conditions and vehicle speed
  • With low levels of noise (loud rubbing noises on the windscreen, squeaking etc.)

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