Charging solutions

Charging solutions


Driving EV charging forward

MOON POWER and charging points initiative is transforming mobility with sustainable energy solutions. With MOON POWER charging stations, Audi dealerships in Malaysia paves the way for a greener future by seamlessly integrating renewable energy and advanced charging technology.

Charging at home

Most charging will take place at home, and the charging time will vary depending on the electrical system installed at each home. For a more accurate analysis and cost estimate, home owners can schedule a thorough home assessment check.

Home Assessment

Audi offers an EV charger home assessment service performed by our licensed HRV electrician. This service evaluates your home's electrical infrastructure, determines the optimal charger placement, and identifies any extra available capacity in your electrical supply.

Customer Service and Maintenance

If you have any questions or encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via our hotline 1800-22-2834 or our email [email protected].

Convenient charging on the road

Charge your electric vehicle quickly and easily, whether you're on the go or at your destination, with Audi's rapid charging options.

Fast Charging

Experience the freedom of driving long-distance in an e-tron without range anxiety. By charging with direct current (DC) at fast charging stations, you can prepare your vehicle for extended trips in just half an hour.

Charging options

Understand the various methods of charging and how long they take. ** Approximate hours based on 80% charge. Charge time for each model varies.

11kW home charging

  • AC charging
  • Approx. 9-10 hours

22kW public charging

  • AC fast charging
  • Approx. 5-6 hours
  • Available at Audi Service Centres and selected public charging spots

180kW public charging

  • DC fast charging
  • Approx. 30 mins
  • Available at Audi Service Centres and selected public charging spots *Audi e-tron owners who bring their vehicles in for service can enjoy free charging during their visit.

How to charge your Audi

Choose a charging port

Charge your e-tron at home, or at a public charging unit. Locate your car’s charging port.

Connect the cable

If you are using a home charging unit or an untethered AC charger, use the charging cable that comes standard with your Audi. At a DC charging station such as the ones at Audi Service Centres, simply use the cable attached to the unit.

Allow the vehicle to charge

The LED light on the charger will begin to flash green, indicating that your Audi is charging. You may lock the car and step away to relax or go about your day, and the charge will continue with the cable locked to the car until you return. A steady green LED light indicates that charging is complete.


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