Electric Drive

Audi e-tron is the embodiment of sustainable performance, offering the thrilling driving experience of an Audi with the added benefit of emissions-free mobility.


How to help extend the range of your e-tron

Regenerative braking

Audi's brake-based recuperation system uses electric motors as generators, converting kinetic energy into electrical energy when you brake, and storing it in the battery for future use.

Drive modes

Select Efficiency mode in Audi drive select to maximise range. Your e-tron can also adapt to various road conditions and maximise range by combining vehicle systems, active cruise control and navigation.

Vehicle maintenance

Check tyre pressures regularly, and keep up with your maintenance schedule at your nearest Audi Service Centre.


Fast Charging

By charging with direct current (DC) at fast charging stations, you can prepare your vehicle for extended trips in just half an hour. Experience the freedom of driving long-distance in an e-tron without range anxiety.

Want to know more?

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